Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The ECM Libra... Awards..!

Well, I guess quite a few numbers of my friend realise that I went to a tennis competition last Monday and that competition last for a week. Now, I'm back!! Haha.. I'm here to write a blog about the whole competition. But, if i write it in the usual, lame, old essay form it will be kinda boring, right? So, I'm going to describe this competition in a ~awards~ form XD (I am miss crazy, remember?? =])

The Most Unforgettable People
Gold:Shirley Ling
Silver:Tony Fernandes(Air Asia's CEO)
Bronce:Shaneem [com'on Sabah ^^]
The Most Unforgettable Line
Gold:"那个球明明就on the line。如果不是我爸爸拉住我的话,我早就F他了" by Adelle Boey
Silver:"Ie Vonn, if Sarawak win afterwards you go hug Assri ar" by Jane Chang
Bronce:"He is a sick pervert!" by Jane Chang
The Most Unforgettable Match
Gold: The match between Negeri Sembilan and Perak Girls 16&Under
Silver: Boys 16&Under,final
Bronce:Girls 16&Under,final
The Most Visited Place
Gold: National Tennis Centre's Dorm
Silver:National Tennis Centre's Tennis Court
Bronce:Hentian Duta
The Most Exciting Part
Gold: Receives Shirley Ling's message!!! XD
Silver:Get to know new people :]
Bronce:I won Suzana Ram!!
The Craziest Scene
Gold:Yan Qi being crazy when she is hungry XD
Silver:I sent all the false word messages to Ee Zhou and Ji Kent
Bronce:Yan Qi sent all those I love you message to Jia An.. through my phone!!!
The Most Hated People
Gold:Big Nose Kevin Loke
Silver:Betrayer from Taiping,Kheng Guan(even though he did not join this competition, but his message still makes me angry!!)
Bronce:I guess two is enough huh?
The Most Delicious Food
Gold: Mash Potato
Bronce:Chicken Chop
The Most Embarassing Moment
Gold:Forgotten to bring the room key and had to ask the person in charge to help us
Silver:When we shouted the yells and people laugh at us T.T
Bronce:After washing my clothes and have to bring to dry, people saw the things they shouldn't see=.=
The Most Enjoying Stuff
Gold:Keep on pranking people :P
Silver:Sms =]
Bronce:Go to the player lounge :P
The Most Unforgettable Voices
Gold: Thieva Seevaraju *cute cute CUTE*
Silver: Danial Akmal *sing when he was supporting the team*
Bronce: Adelle's Father *just because he scolded me without reason last leg*
The Most Unforggetable Message
Gold: fxcking fxcking fxcking fxcking fxcking fxcking fxcking fxcking fxcking fxcking!! stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!! [from me to ee zhou and ji kent] XD
Silver: Eh. ask her dont crazy la.. if fall down means you know what la. faster ask her!! [from ee zhou to me when i prank him about Jia Ru is going to climb out of the window :P]
Bronce: haha.. dunno la.. she ask me to ask you to ask her how she get your number... Lol..[from me to shirley ling]

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Ratty Day~~

Hello there~~

I am here to post a late photos...

Sorry guys, now of days I'm kinda busy with my study...

Neway, let's get to the point, today I will talk about a Biology class...

Well, it's not that kinda boring Biology class, the truth is, this is the COOLEST class I ever had XD

Let's take a look at the pictures =)

Miss Yau is showing us the way to dissect the rat.

kejamnya Jiaru~~


Haha... Well, thank you Jia Ru and Ah Mak for encouraging me to join Sc1's Biology class so that I can have such a chance to dissect rat ^^