Friday, July 20, 2012

A Future Director To Be....?

I wonder if you guys have realize that I've started writing articles again JUST because I got offered Communication in USM. Well, it has been quite a roller coaster week for me since the day the result is out. Nervous, anger, disappointment, acceptance, anxiousness, these are the feelings that I've experienced throughout this whole week. It is definitely not the result I yearn for but I believed that God does not shut one door without opening a window. So, this is the main reason why I've finally accepted the offer from USM. (Yay)

If you have read my article Dream vs Reality, you would have known that to become a director/tv producer is one of my wildest dream. You would too know that I've gave up because my parents prefer me to take up law. However, life is a funny thing. When I only considered Communication as my back-up course in applying for universities, I've been offered to further my tertiary education in Communication. All I can say is that God works in mysterious way. I believed that this is the path He want me walk on so that I can learn more and discover more possibilities.

To make sure that I can cope with my studies, I've started writing articles again to brush up my writing skills. Writing in English has been my biggest weakness since my stories are normally very dull and boring. I've been trying to make my articles more interesting by adding in some proverbs and idioms but boy, it is hard! So I've received some reviews from my fellow readers, they had commented that my articles are too long-winded which makes it boring. (Thanks for everyone who review my article ^^) And I'm going to learn from my mistakes! However, grammar errors seems unavoidable since it has become a habit of mine in writing xP.

It may takes a long time for me to succeed in the broadcasting industry, however I believed, with the faith I have, I will have the strength to go on and never give up. Dream without any action will forever be a dream yet dream with hard works will pay off. So fellow readers, dare to dream! =D

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dream versus Reality

When we were in Primary school, teachers will give everyone a form to fill in our ambitions. The funny thing is, what we mostly fill in are not what we really dream to be. Instead, the ambitions that we filled in are those jobs that we encounter the most in our lives. So it come out, the most popular ambitions to be would be doctors, teachers, policemen and lawyers. Little did we know, that most of our so-called ambitions will not turn out the same when we grow up.

When I was young, I've always wanted to be an archaeologist. In the beginning, I chose to become an archaeologist not because I wanted to. I've chose it as one of my main ambition just simply because it was unique, and none of my friends wanted to become an archaeologist. Never have I thought that one day, it would come to my mind that to become an archaeologist is my goal for my entire life. I've been reading a lot of articles about the amazing things in this world such as the mummies, the Moai, pyramids, the Terracotta Army etc etc. So it had become my dream to explore these amazing creations and maybe, discover more if I have the chance.

However, the reality is always cruel. To become an archaeologist, I would need to sacrifice my time, energy and even money. While the fame and fortune will only happen if I have any discovery. I do not have confidence in sacrificing any of those only to chase my dream. So, I've set a goal to become an archaeologist only after I've earn my first "bucket of gold".

The lucky thing is, I never have any hard time in finding another ambition. I was interested in everything and I wanted to become everything! Artist, writer, director, lawyer, TV producer, PR etc etc It is one of my weakness to be interested in that particular job after I've watched dramas with the heroes and heroines acting on it. And my friend had often made fun of me because of this. Well, of course I know that dramas always like to exaggerate to make the story more interesting. Yet this weakness of mine have made me discovered another ambition of mine, which is--- a TV producer!

I was addicted to K-Pop (short form for Korean Pop Music) since 2009 which I have been listening to the K-Pop songs, watching Korean drama and variety shows ever since. To my amazement is, Korea is a very small country with language that differ from ours yet the K-Pop and K-Drama industries are growing rapidly. The Koreans are very good in packaging their idols and it is the main factor which leads to the growth of the Korea entertainment industry. That's when I thought, if the Korean can make this happen, why can't I? Since then, I have another goal, which is to bring the entertainment industry of Malaysia to another level. 

Well, yet again, my parents didn't encourage me because they think that the entertainment industry is very competitive and does not sound as glamorous as a lawyer. At first, I fought hard in defending my dream. I even went checking out those colleges offering this course and the scholarships offered. However, I got persuaded by my parents since I don't really have to worry about looking for a job since the demand for a lawyer is always high. To make sure that I can get a law course from local universities, I've changed from science stream to art stream during my A-levels. I started to pay more attention in class and studying harder so that this third ambition of mine would finally become reality. I had even worked in a law firm for 6 months just  to gain more experience in the law industry. 

For once, I've even started to believe that I'm going to be a lawyer in future. However, fate is a funny thing. When I've given up for my dreams at the broadcasting industry, I failed to obtain any offer for law course in the local universities. My parents and I were struck dumb as we thought that I had a high chance in gaining a law course in the local universities. Instead, I was offered Mass Communication in USM. Currently, I'm still on the fence to decide which course I'd like to pursue. And one thing I hope now is that the choice that I will be the correct one.

In the end of the day, what I realized is that what we dream for and the reality may be different. We may become someone that we've never thought we would be. But my advise for all is, no matter how hard will it be for us to pursue our dreams, never lose faith! We must believe that in the end of one hallway, there will be another left/right turn for us to continue walking. I believe that what I am experiencing now is to prepare myself for a better future. In future, I might be able to achieve my dreams (which is awesome) yet I might not. No matter what the outcomes turn out to be, at least I had dreams.

Welcome 2.0

It have been a very long time since I last posted. Well, due to several personal reasons, I was forced to make my blog private. And so, I have not been writing since then.

Dear all, welcome to my blog again. I hope you guys would enjoy what I write. And please, do leave comments to share your thoughts about my post. I believe that all of your comments would be helpful for me to improve in future. So, lets start writing!

Hmm... So the main reason that I'm here writing, sharing all my thoughts again is because I was offered Communication in USM (not what I wanted exactly, but oh well). I guess in Communication, writing would be one of the skill which is needed for us to excel in this industry. And hence, I hope by writing articles here would help me to brush up my writing skill in no time. 

So people, welcome to my blog again and feel free to comment if you have any thoughts to share with me =)

Thank you and good day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


If you've viewed my blog before
You should realize that something is different right?
Yup! I've change my blog design again...
This is due to the fact that my friend said my blog design was too flowerish
So I've decided to change my blog design
What's your comment about my new design?
Please leave a comment and let me know 

Thankies =))










Saturday, October 2, 2010




When You Believe

When you have faith in yourself,
You can do everything.
Because you will give the best in you,
To achieve your goal.
So my friend, believe!
Never give up even there is some obstacles,
Try hard, pray for it.
Because when you believe,
Things wouldn't be as hard as it seems.
Just, believe.