Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Ratty Day~~

Hello there~~

I am here to post a late photos...

Sorry guys, now of days I'm kinda busy with my study...

Neway, let's get to the point, today I will talk about a Biology class...

Well, it's not that kinda boring Biology class, the truth is, this is the COOLEST class I ever had XD

Let's take a look at the pictures =)

Miss Yau is showing us the way to dissect the rat.

kejamnya Jiaru~~


Haha... Well, thank you Jia Ru and Ah Mak for encouraging me to join Sc1's Biology class so that I can have such a chance to dissect rat ^^


Anonymous said...

really a late post..
but nevermind..
it's memorable moment for us, isn't it?
then hor, i encourage u to join is bcoz i wan u to accompany me...XD

ievonn said...

haha... i know.. i know..

C.H Lek said...

tot u r dead hahas
hows ur holiday? :)

ievonn said...

haha.. what dead..
my holiday?? sien la of course...