Sunday, May 24, 2009

When you take bus back home

When you take bus back home
*People will start asking you:"Huh? You sit bus one meh?"
*Then you would have to explain your beloved mommy have to work and no one is free to fetch you.
*After explaining you will see the change of their expression:from doubt to oh and ah.
*Things started to get awkward.
*People will try to change the subject.
*Finally you are on the bus, but there's still something else.
*You have to walk back home because the bus doesn't stop right in front of your house.

When you walk back home
*You will see those drivers starring at you as if you are an alien.
*Those who know you will exchange the smile awkwardly and some of them will offer you a ride.
*You never accept because you are reaching home.
*If the weather is hot, you feel like dehydrated and wanted to cramp and faint.
*It sucks but there is a worser case.
*If it's raining.. Congratz for being the most unlucky person in the world.
*You take out your umbrella and share with others.
*However the umbrella is too small and is unable to provide enough shelter and everyone will still get wet.
*Sometimes the wind is too strong and break your umbrella and you have to buy a new one.
*Your books are all wet and you will have to dry them with hair dryer.
*There are about twenty of books and each book consist of at least 100 pages which means you have to dry 2000 pages. Pathetic, I know.
*Sometimes if there is a flood, what I'm going to say is... You are so dead XD

When there is a flood
*Your bus broke down half way back home.
*You have no choice, you have to walk back home.
*The water is deep and reaches you ankle and you could hardly walk.
*You reaches home and got sick. Your shoe is wet and you have no idea what are you going to wear to school tomorrow since you just have one pair of them.

The conclusion is, don't ever take bus home. Ride or drive to school.


AO said...

hahaha...nice post..but..I dont agree about dont take bus lorr..hahaha

ievonn said...

lol. because you dont leave in taiping..
you dont have to suffer from rain or flood :P

wenwen said...

taiping the rain town
hated the rain
yes i understand your pain =)
btw, u can drive d right?

ievonn said...

want to change one word in my previous comment it's LIVE not leave XD

Hades said...

it's quite good to be in the rain sometimes.........
loved it....
n there's nothing wrong bout taking a bus home....
quite enjoyable actually...
can sleep...

ievonn said...

i cannot sleep la!! you also know la.. my house damn near school la..
haha. rain sucks!! i have to dry my books when it rain.. lazy lar.. lol