Friday, July 20, 2012

A Future Director To Be....?

I wonder if you guys have realize that I've started writing articles again JUST because I got offered Communication in USM. Well, it has been quite a roller coaster week for me since the day the result is out. Nervous, anger, disappointment, acceptance, anxiousness, these are the feelings that I've experienced throughout this whole week. It is definitely not the result I yearn for but I believed that God does not shut one door without opening a window. So, this is the main reason why I've finally accepted the offer from USM. (Yay)

If you have read my article Dream vs Reality, you would have known that to become a director/tv producer is one of my wildest dream. You would too know that I've gave up because my parents prefer me to take up law. However, life is a funny thing. When I only considered Communication as my back-up course in applying for universities, I've been offered to further my tertiary education in Communication. All I can say is that God works in mysterious way. I believed that this is the path He want me walk on so that I can learn more and discover more possibilities.

To make sure that I can cope with my studies, I've started writing articles again to brush up my writing skills. Writing in English has been my biggest weakness since my stories are normally very dull and boring. I've been trying to make my articles more interesting by adding in some proverbs and idioms but boy, it is hard! So I've received some reviews from my fellow readers, they had commented that my articles are too long-winded which makes it boring. (Thanks for everyone who review my article ^^) And I'm going to learn from my mistakes! However, grammar errors seems unavoidable since it has become a habit of mine in writing xP.

It may takes a long time for me to succeed in the broadcasting industry, however I believed, with the faith I have, I will have the strength to go on and never give up. Dream without any action will forever be a dream yet dream with hard works will pay off. So fellow readers, dare to dream! =D


Eunice Ng said...

Hello, i've read ur recent blog post. I'm just giving my opinion, i hope it helps though! :) I'm currently majoring Media Management! I think for you to get USM mass comm is a not bad opportunity. hehe. Cause when u really do it, done research on it, do all sorts of studies in Communication, it is never as shallow as how others thought. It's a very wide field. U can maybe work in an accountancy firm, cause in communication, you will learn to write a lot of research paper, is HELL A LOT, and the most important part for me to tell you is because an accountancy firm always need someone to write thesis paper! :) Or u can be photojournalist, journalist (newspaper, mag editor).. Have faith in ur future undertaking! :) Its a new journey, and there will be a lot extra ordinary stuff :D Communication people are always artsy and it let u realize how wild ur dreams can be!:) goodluck,my friend

ievonn said...

Thank you. I will bare that in mind =)
FYI, I guess if I were to take Communication, I guess I will prefer to work behind the screen or PR. Loves challenges despite how everyone say about the lack of jobs and low salary.
BTW, what do you want to be when you come out to work? Something related to journalism?

Eunice Ng said...

Yeap! I'm doing something kinda related to journalism, and can be PR or advertising! Its all in my course, is like 3 major and minor kinda thing. HAAHAHA! Dont listen to what others said, maybe one day you'll earn more than a lawyer. And low salary, of course the starting of it, but in communication, as long as u're experienced employee, I guess there are pretty much of chances and opportunities to earn hell loads of money. If you were to do behind the screen, i guess it will be pretty much like production crew kan? Its fun la. Im planning to get some job in Magazine firm or either advertising, if not will be advertising! :D